Veranstaltungen am Institut

Veranstaltungsdatum:  26. Juni 2015 13:00 Uhr  bis 26. Juni 2015 16:14 Uhr
Weitere Termine:  24. Juni 2015 13:00 Uhr  bis  24. Juni 2015 16:00 Uhr
25. Juni 2015 13:00 Uhr  bis  25. Juni 2015 16:00 Uhr

Dear students, colleagues, alumni and friends,

next week, Prof. Lehmann from France will be our guest (you can find him in room 2.349).

Find more details about him here:

He will give a number of interesting talks and lectures, and you're very welcome to seize this opportunity! All presentations will be given at the Institute of Telecommunications in room 2.348.

Agenda as follows:


Mon Jun 22, 1:00-4:00 p.m.:

Doctoral seminar on an advanced comms topic

Title: Parameter Estimation for Graphical Models

Duration: 2 x 1.5h

Abstract: Graphical models provide a powerful tool to tackle difficult problems in coding theory, digital communications, signal/image processing, machine learning, target tracking, etc. Many applications using a graphical model-based resolution assume perfect knowledge of the underlying model parameters. However, in practice model parameters are often unknown and need to be estimated from the available data. This talk will start revising classical results on Bayesian inference indiscrete and continuous graphical models, followed by recent results on mixed discrete-continuous stochastic models. Then, we shall focus on various parameter estimation strategies suitable for graphical model-based inference. Joint estimation of static and time-varying parameters will be addressed, both in a traditional semi-blind mode and in the non-trivial blind setting. For the sake of concreteness, we shall discuss various applications from communication theory, ranging from wireless and optical transmissions to data storage.


Wed Jun 24, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Basic comms topic voluntary course

Title: Principles of OFDMA Modulation and MIMO Processing in 4G and 4G+ Mobiles Networks

Duration: 2 x 1.5h


Thu Jun 25,1:00-4:00 p.m.

MSc-students and/or PhD-student course

Title: Multi-user Detection in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Systems

Duration: 2 x 1.5h


Looking forward to seeing you there!