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Titel: Feasibility Study of Nonorthogonal Multiple Access methods for 5G New Radio
  • Masterarbeit
Status: laufend


To meet the technical requirements of upcoming 5G cellular systems, the 3GPP together with many network service providers and vendors has launched a bunch of research and standardization activities since the completion of LTE Release 13. Among all the evolutionary technologies of physical layer, nonorthogonal mutiple access (NOMA) is also suggested to be adopted in the 5G new radio standardization because of its capability to increase spectral efficiency and cell-edge user performance [1].  


In orthogonal multiple access schemes, user separation can be easily achieved exploiting the orthogonality in either time, frequency or code domain without requiring complicated algorithms (such as TDMA, FDMA or orthogonal CDMA systems). However, it requires additional time, frequency or code resource for different users. These resources are generally limited and valuable. On the contrary, user separation in NOMA is done without the necessity of time, frequency or code orthogonality at the expense of higher computational complexity or worse performance. Several means are used to ease the detection complexity, e.g., user-specific interleaving, sparse spreading, power allocation and codebook/mapping design. For instance, the figure shows the improvement of spectral efficiency employing NOMA techniques at moderate detection complexity.


The scope of this work encompasses:

  • study the current status of NOMA in LTE Release 15 (aka. 5G New Radio)
  • complexity and performance study of NOMA under synchronous and asynchronous transmission
  • application scenarios of NOMA (Machine-type traffic, mission critical traffic or mobile broadband)
  • coexistence with orthogonal MA schemes such as OFDMA
  • feasibility study of uplink and downlink applications


This work can be done in German or English language.

By adjusting the scope, this work can be in the form of either Bachelor-Thesis or Forschunsarbeit or Master-Thesis.


[1] 3GPP Features and Study Item for Rel-15, online .



  • Knowledge of signal processing
  • Matlab