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Marvin Geiselhart

Research staff
Institute of Telecommunications


+49 711 685- 69210

Pfaffenwaldring 47 (ETI 2)
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.332


My research focusses currently on short length channel coding. In particular, I am interested in

  • Concatenated Codes
  • Low Latency Decoding Algorithms
  • Iterative and Ensemble Decoding

I also enjoy building webdemos and interactive programs to make communications more approachable and exploring its concepts playful.

The following interactive program demonstrates the concept of geometric shaping. For different arrangements ("constellations") of the transmit symbols in the I/Q-plane, one can communicate different amount of information per symbol through an AWGN channel. Drag the constellation points with your mouse and see how close you can get to Shannon's capacity curve (hint: not only the positions, but also the labeling, i.e. the corresponding bit patterns, matter)!

The mutual information curve is computed via Monte Carlo simulation of thousands of bits in your browser in real time. Implemented in p5js.

 If you are a student interested in these or similar topics, feel free to contact me for a bachelor, research or master thesis.

  1. 2020

    1. M. Geiselhart, A. Elkelesh, M. Ebada, S. Cammerer, and S. ten Brink, “CRC-Aided Belief Propagation List Decoding of Polar Codes,” 2020 [Online]. Available:
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