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Communications III

Wireless communications (Winter Semester)


  • Indoor and outdoor propagation models (path loss, shadow and Rayleigh fading)
  • Wireless link budget and receiver sensitivity, diversity reception
  • Multipath wireless mobile channel
  • Intersymbol interference, discrete time equalizer
  • Maximum a posteriori (MAP) and maximum likelihood (ML) symbol-by-symbol detection (soft-demapping)
  • Maximum Likelihood (ML) detection of sequences (Viterbi algorithm, Trellis diagram)
  • Exercises: Theoretical problems and applications from wireless transmission

Educational Objectives

To be proficient in design and application of advanced digital data transmission for wireless and wire-line networks, and storage devices.

Course Information

6 ECTS Credits

Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan ten Brink
Time Slot Thursday, 8:00-9:30
Lecture Hall V47.04
Weekly Credit Hours 2
Lecturer Maximilian Arnold and Moustafa Ebada
Time Slot Friday, 8:00-9:30
Lecture Hall V47.04
Weekly Credit Hours 2