Lab Course

Multimedia Communications

  • This Lab Couse is offered for InfoTech and Master students with the stuy program electrical engineering in Winter as well as Sommer term. The standard course language is English.
  • Information for the registration of the course in Winter Semester 2018:
    • Registration period: the first lecture week between 15.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
    • Acceptance Notification: Till Mo. 22.10.2018
    • De-registration: must before 24.10.2018
    • Mandatory preparatory Meeting:  Thurs., 25.10.2018 about 14:30
    • Experiments 2-5 pm, Thurs. from 08.11.2018
  • Prospective students can register the course in C@mpus in the aforementioned time period.
  • There is no prerequisites for attending this Lab. However, it is recommended that you have already some basic knowledge about communicaitons through attending our lectures such as Communications 1-3.
  • The number of available seats is limited. In case we receive too much registration beyond our lab's capacity, the seats will be admitted based on several criteria like the current semester number of your whole study.
  • If your registration is rejected, we recommend you to perform the lab in the next semester. Please indicate that your application were rejected once thus that we can escalate your application for priority processing.
  • The lab course consists of six experiments exploring different data transmission technologies via various mediums. e.g., optical fiber, coaxial cable and the air. The six independent experiments are:
    • Video coding and processing, MPEGx, H26x
    • Optical transmission system, LED, Laser
    • Digital quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
    • DVB - Digital Video Broadcast (system project)
    • Simulation of mobile and fixed communication systems (system project)
    • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network (system project)
  • The lab is graded based on the quality of preparation, execution and the final reports.
  • It is not allowed to cancle the lab after the first preparatory meeting.
Ansprechpartner: Marc Gauger, M.Sc. () and Xiaojie Wang, M.Sc. ()