Lab Course

Multimedia Communications

  • The standard language for this lab course is English. It is offered for the German master course "Electrical engineering" as well as the international INFOTECH program in both Summer and Winter Terms.
  • Administrative information about the registration procedure will be made available here around end of March/September.
  • Preliminary information about the registration for the Winter Term 2017/2018:
    • Registration period: 1st lecture week, Oct. 16th - Oct. 20th 2017
    • Notification of acceptance: before Oct. 24th 2017
    • Mandatory preparational meeting: Thursday, Oct. 26th 2017
    • Transactions: Biweekly, Thursdays at 14:00 PM, beginning on Nov. 2rd
  • Prospective participants can apply via ILIAS (INÜ - Master Lab Course "Communications" WS2017/18 ) within the above mentioned period. Please provide the following informations along with your registration:
    • Surname, first name
    • Matrikel Number
    • studied number of semesters (include the current semester)
    • in the past attended lectures by INÜ
    • study course (German Master, Infotech, Erasmus)
  • A registration to the course via the C@mpus system is recommended due to organizational reasons but is not needed and does not replace the application via ILIAS.
  • Please note that the amount of places is limited. We will decide about the participation in a selection procedure.
    Here, the time point of your application is the least important decision criterion after your study duration, experience with our lectures and your study course. So, there is no need to file in your application as soon as possible.
  • If you for some reason don't get a lab seat, you can apply again in the following semester and we'll try to give your application a higher priority.
  • The Lab course takes place in the Room 2.310 of the Institute.
  • It contains :
    • Video coding and processing, MPEGx, H26x
    • Optical transmission system
    • Digital quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
    • DVB - Digital Video Broadcast (system project)
    • Simulation of mobile and fixed communication systems (system project)
    • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network (system project)
  • The lab course will be graded based on the performance of your preparations, transactions and reports.
  • Cancellation of this course is NOT allowed after the first mandatory preparational meeting.
Contact person: Xiaojie Wang, M.Sc. () and Marc Gauger, M.Sc. ()