Space-Time Wireless Communications (STWC)

(In English)

Exploiting multiple antennas at sender and receiver (Summer Semester)

Both lecture and exercise will be held as online video conference sessions, i.e., you can study this course remotely. However, we decided to also (experimentally) offer an on-site in-person option for those of you who prefer studying in a group. You are invited to come to our institute's lecture hall V47.2.314 on Fridays starting at 14:00, we will finish no later than 17:15 (and sometimes earlier). Refer to ILIAS course for details.


  • Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel models: linear flat fading and frequency selective fading wireless MIMO channel, correlation models
  • Spatial multiplex, diversity principles
  • MIMO receivers: Zero Forcing, Minimum Mean Square Error, Maximum Likelihood
  • MIMO system capacity, water-filling method to maximize capacity
  • Space-time coding methods such as Alamouti scheme
  • Space-time iterative (Turbo) decoding receivers
  • Applications

Educational Objectives

To be proficient in design and application of wireless data communications systems with multiple antennas at transmitter and receiver (multiple input multiple output, MIMO).

Course Information

6 ECTS Credits


Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Speidel
Time Slot Wednesday, 8:00-9:30
Lecture Hall V47.06
Weekly Credit Hours 2


Lecturer Maximilian Arnold and Ahmed Elkelesh
Time Slot Monday, 11:30-13:00
Lecture Hall V47.05
Weekly Credit Hours 2
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Joachim Speidel

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Former Director

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