Digital Video Communications

(In English)

Digital video communications systems and advanced information theory (Winter Semester)


  • Some basics on television systems
  • Multi-dimensional signals and Fourier transform; Multidimensional (space-time) sampling, interlaced and non-interlaced scanning; Advanced information theory
  • Predictive coding; Discrete two-dimensional transforms: DFT, DCT, Hadamard transform
  • Transform coding with motion estimation, principles of H.26x coding
  • Digital Television, modern audiovisual terminals and communications systems
  • Exercises: Theoretical problems and applications from H.26x, Digital Video Broadcasting, computer graphics and speech coding

Educational Objectives

To be proficient in design and application of digital video communications systems and in advanced information theory.

Course Information

3 ECTS Credits


Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ingl. Joachim Speidel
Time Slot Friday, 11:30-13:00
Lecture Hall V47.05
Weekly Credit Hours 2
This image shows Joachim Speidel

Joachim Speidel

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Former Director

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