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Titel: Analyse the correlation model for shadow fading from Gudmundson
  • Seminararbeit
Status: abgeschlossen


For over 20 years the Gudmundson shadow fading model is an essential part of mobile cellular planning. Moreove Shadow fading is a random process, which decreases the signal strength of the users. Gudmundson showed a spatial correlation of the shadow fading.


Shadow fading creates interference at the receiver [1]. Therefore for mobile cellular communication this effect needs to be taken in into the cellular map. Gudmundson was the first to represent a spatial correlation to the shadow fading component [2]. This model is used for over 20 years and is therefore to investigated for his advantages and disadvantages.

[2] Correlation model for shadow fading in mobile radio systems, M. Gudmundson


The task is to get familiar with shadow fading and the Gudmundson shadow fading model. Simulate the spatial correlation for a chosen suburban environment. Represent those results in a webdemo.


  • Matlab