Studentische Arbeiten

Titel: Design of FIR-filter for Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier
  • Masterarbeit
Status: abgeschlossen


With the fast growing amount of devices which are to be connected to the Internet, future 5G wireless communication systems has to be able to support a very diverse traffic types. In the road towards 5G, radical changes of various technologies are required to meet the increasing demand of data rate, capacity, latency and etc.



Starting from the fundamental aspect of physical layer, the institute is looking into potential alternative waveform technologies to OFDM. One of 5G waveform candidates is  Universal filtered multicarrier (UFMC). It can be seen as a generalization of filter-bank multicarrier (FBMC) and OFDM. Based on filtering a group of subcarriers, it combines the advantages of FBMC and OFDM while avoiding its drawbacks. In this thesis, the FIR-filter shall be designed to further enhance the performance of UFMC. (Thesis can be carried out in German or English.)


The tasks of this thesis involve:

  • quantify and compare UFMC system performance for different FIR-filters
  • extend existing optimization criterion
  • optimize the FIR-filter design for UFMC, considering channel dispersion
  • quantify the optimization gain


  • Simulation in Matlab
  • Optimization tools
  • Proposing and developing algorithm
  • Knowledge of signal processing, OFDM
  • Optimization theory is desirable