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Titel: Optimal Channel Estimation Techniques for Universal Filtered OFDM
  • Masterarbeit
Status: laufend


Universal filtered orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (UF-OFDM) is a novel multicarrier modulation technique aiming at improving the classic OFDM scheme. The most prominent OFDM scheme is well known for its poor frequency localization property because of rectangular pulse-shaping in time domain. UF-OFDM is capable of achieving more compact frequency spectrum by applying advanced pulse-shaping with short filter duration while maintaining the orthogonality between subcarriers. In the case of asynchronous multiuser communications, UF-OFDM shows its superior performance over the classic OFDM scheme.


To recover the transmitted data from received noisy signal, the effect introduced by the wireless channel shall be reversed by an equalizer. An equalization of channel is only possible after the channel is estimated. This thesis work relies on the channel estimation techniques developed for OFDM systems and elabortes the techniques on UF-OFDM systems (see Fig. taken from Channel estimation Webdemo). 


The tasks are

  • tailoring the channel estimation techniques of OFDM  to the UF-OFDM systems
  • designing optimal pilot symbols for channel estimation
  • investigating the system performance in terms of channel fading rate with different pilot arrangments 


  • multicarrier modulation OFDM
  • Matlab
  • signal processing
  • estimation theory