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Titel: Performance Study of a Multi-Antenna Indoor Deployment in Millimeter Wave Band
  • Forschungsarbeit
Status: abgeschlossen


Next generation of cellular networks is expected to satisfy the future user traffic demands, consisting of higher data rates and a larger number of connected devices. With this aim, three main paradigms are being studied by the research community: the increase of the spectral efficiency, the densification of nodes and the use of more spectrum.

Due to the availability of large amount of free spectrum in the millimeter wave band, several measurements campaigns have been conducted at these high frequencies in the last years, in order to assess the suitability of this band for access communications.


The objective of this thesis is to study the performance of a multi-antenna indoor deployment in the mmWave frequency band.


The tasks of this thesis involve:

  • Study of the state of the art of indoor channel models for mmWave band (30-300 GHz)
  • Implementation of one of these channel models
  • Performance evaluation of a simple multi-antenna indoor deployment, working on this frequency band


This thesis can be done as Bachelor Thesis.

This thesis can be accomplished in English.


  • English
  • Basic knowledge of cellular communications and MIMO systems
  • Matlab