Studentische Arbeiten

Titel: Spectral Shaping using Active Interference Cancellation and FIR-filtering
  • Masterarbeit
Status: laufend


Generating spectral notches in some frequency bands is the common mission of the cognitive radio and the next generation mobile wireless communications (5G). One approach discovered while exploring the ultra wideband (UWB) applications is active interference cancellation (AIC). This approach employs some subcarriers to suppress the generated spectral components from the data subcarriers (see Fig. taken from Spectral Shaping Webdemo). Another approach is to apply time domain filtering to suppress the undesirable spectral components.


Both approach sacrifices time and frequency resource to obtain better spectral property. The thesis work will focus on combining the two approaches in one multicarrier modulation scheme, i.e., universal filtered OFDM with AIC. The effectiveness and flexibility of the time domain and frequency domain approach will be evaluated under different user cases. Efficient methods allowing the optimal combination of both approaches will be investigated.


The tasks encompass:

  • implementation of AIC in UF-OFDM and CP-OFDM systems with power constraint
  • systematic investigation of the effectiveness and flexibility of the AIC and the FIR-filtering approach 
  • optimally combining the two approaches in one multicarrier transmission scheme UF-OFDM with AIC


  • multicarrier modulation
  • basics of optimization