Studentische Arbeiten

Titel: Study and Implementation of 5G New Radio Standards
  • Studienarbeit
Status: laufend


The phase I 5G standardization, known as non-stand alone (NSA) 5G standard, is expected to roll out by end of this year, i.e., 2017. The standardization bodies like 3GPP along with other telecommunication companies and vendors are extensively working on the techniques, which shall be adopted in the 5G thus fulfilling the technical requirements setting by IMT 2020 (see Figure). Some major changes of modulation, coding and multiple access methods in physical layer are to be expected.


3GPP always publishes the technical report describing the to be studied items, to be standardized technique candidates  and some agreements on the adopted technologoies. The LTE release 14 was just finished. Some new features are subject to be included in the future release, i.e., LTE Release 15. Thus, many study items are defined in LTE release 14 to accelerate the launch of Release 15.


The focus of this theis work are

  • to study the physical layer of LTE Release 13
  • to provide a comprehensive summary of the new features in LTE Release 14
  • to track the progress of Release 15
  • to generate physical layer signal in MATLAB with different parameters


  • basic communication knowledge, e.g., OFDM and MIMO
  • basic MATLAB knowledge



  • technological aspects of communications
  • broad physical layer knowlege of LTE