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Titel: The influences of geniune hardware impairment on massive MIMO
  • Masterarbeit
Status: abgeschlossen


Massive MIMO is getting increasingly attention throughtout the media, since the first Wifi-router with Multi-User-MIMO was shown [1]. With growing number of antennas the data transmission should get more robust and faster. But with those advantages in mind it is necessary to investigate the hardware impairments. This is due to the effect that with the increase of the number of antennas the HW-impairements could limit the channel capacity.

[1]  Erste-WLAN-Router-mit-Multi-User-MIMO


The figure [2] shows the basic system model for massive MIMO. For an increasing number of M antennas and N antennas the effects of hardware impairments like sampling frequency offset (SFO), carrier-frequency offset (CFO) etc. should be investigated. Most system models implement the hardware impairments only as a noise source, but for example carrier frequency offset could also reduce the coherence time. Therefore the noise model is not accurate.

[2] On the Impact of Hardware Impairments on Massive MIMO, Ulf Gustavsson, Cesar Sanchez-Perez


Since the hardware impairments are mostly implemented as additive noise, the task is to find a new system model which implements the genuine hardware impairments. Therefore a simulation in Matlab should be done. In the end the results should be presented in a webdemo.


  • Basic knowledge of digital communications
  • Knowledge of digital signal processing, ideally in Matlab
  • Thesis in German or English