Student theses

Overview and guidelines for student theses

Typically, new topics show up in March/April and during September/October.

If you don't find a suitable topic, but still are particularly interested in doing a Bachelor/Research/Master Thesis project with us, you are welcome to join the ILIAS group for interested students to be automatically informed about new thesis topics. Join directly via this link.

You may also check directly with the respective advisor about upcomping projects in the field of interest (see, e.g., ongoing projects).

Usually, the thesis types "Forschungsarbeit", "Bachelorarbeit" and INFOTECH "Study project" can be transformed into each other. If necessary, the amount of work will be increased or decreased respectively to match the specified credits.

Available thesis

Currently there are no thesis in this category.

Thesis in progress

Currently there are no thesis in this category.

You can find finished student thesis projects in the archive.