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Bus systems for industrial environments

A broadband field bus system is being developed by INUE in cooperation with other institutes and industry. It uses DMT (baseband version of OFDM) to establish communication of multiple users over same medium (wire).

In the current research project that is run by institutes from three universities I focus on testing and diagnosis of the communication network mentioned above. The work includes extracting of relevant parameters and development of appropriate test and diagnosis tools based on software and hardware signal processing on different platforms like measurement instruments, FPGAs and PC.


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Every winter term since 2011: Grundlagenpraktikum (BSc)
Summer term 2012: Exercises Nachrichtentechnik II
Winter term 2012/2013: Exercises Übertragungstechnik I (D), II (M)
Summer term 2013: Exercises Übertragungstechnik II (D), I (B)
Winter term 2013/2014: Exercises Communications (INFOTECH)
Winter term 2014/2015: Exercises Communications III
Since summer term 2014: Coordination of the Lab course "Communications"

Weitere Angaben:

Winter term 20011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014:
Insitute mentor in the faculty's mentor program for bachelor students in their 1 st semester.

Coordination of the information days "Unitag” "Tag der Wissenschaft” for the INUE since winter term 2011.

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