Embedded Security Challenge - Test your skills in RFID Hacking

July 25, 2019 / Katharina Geng

"In the Embedded Security Challenge (ESC), a Blue Team designs a target system. A Red Team trys to hack it."

Looking for a chance to use your skills to exploit the weaknesses of a target system, assess the effectiveness of their hardware security techniques, identify vulnerabilities and implement effective defense mechanisms? 
Then sign up for the Embedded Security Challenge at CSAW '19 in Valence, France.  Candidates travel expenses will be covered by the competition organizers.

From the offical announcement:
This year's topic is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID is utilized as a security measure in everything from building access to user authentication in computing systems. The 2019 challenge will task competitors with hacking the firmware of a vulnerable RFID reader with professional level United States National Security Agency (NSA) reverse engineering tools. Competitors will gain experience with the NSA Ghidra tool, firmware exploitation, RFID protocols, and possibly hardware functional testing.

The ESC19 competition is divided into three phases:
•      A preliminary Qualification phase, where teams must compile and submit a written report characterizing exploits
and reverse engineering techniques that they utilized to break a provided program.
•      A Final phase, where qualified teams are invited to the CSAW event of their region to present and demonstrate their attack implementations on the custom systems provided by the organizers.
•      A Live phase, where qualified teams will be provided with a special challenge binary on the day of the ESC finals in their region. 

The contestants will then race to solve the challenge, demonstrating their reverse engineering skills!

Finalists for the three competitions are granted to come in Valence, France for on-site competitions:
•        All finalists will be provided with housing in hotel rooms
•        Finalists who are students of a European University outside France will be provided with a fixed travel grant of 250 euros
•        Finalists who are students of French Universities will be provided with a travel grant of up to 250 euros maximum, available upon demand

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (respectively 700, 500 and 300 euros)

Please read the contest information document for more information about the challenge and how to register.

CSAW '19 Embedded Security Challenge Website

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