David Rörich


Institut für Nachrichtenübertragung


Pfaffenwaldring 47 (ETI 2)
70569 Stuttgart


Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex

I'm working on optical communication systems involving the modulation scheme OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex). This technique has been widely used for wireline and wirless communications (e.g. DSL, WLAN) and has recently gained much attention in optical communications as it's a promising approach to overcome the difficulties with arriving at data rates of 100 Gbit/s and beyond. Coherent detection and polarization multiplex are two key technologies for reaching this very high transmission speed. The aim of my work is to find appropriate implementation parameters for a single-chip-solution of an optical OFDM transmitter by software simulations. In this way the practical feasibility of this technology shall be demonstrated for the first time. One of my main tasks is the development of a simulation system in C++.

Winter term 10/11 Grundlagenpraktikum
Summer term 11 Exercises Nachrichtentechnik II
Winter term 11/12 Exercises Übertragungstechnik 2 (M)
Summer term 12 Exercises Übertragungstechnik 1(B)
Winter term 12/13 Exercises Communications 3
Summer term 13 Exercises Space Time Wireless Communications
Winter term 13/14 Exercises Übertragungstechnik 2 (M)
Summer term 14 Exercises Übertragungstechnik 2 (M)

Mentor in the mentoring program of the Faculty for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (2010)

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