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Xiaojie Wang


Institute of Telecommunications


Pfaffenwaldring 47 (ETI 2)
70569 Stuttgart


Next Generation Wireless Technologies


I'm currently working on the development of advanced techniques of transmission and reception of signals for the next generation wireless communication systems (a.k.a. 5G). In particular, my research interest encompasses

  • advanced multicarrier modulation schemes beyond OFDM, e.g., Universal filtered OFDM
  • non-orthogonal mutliple access methods such as Interleaving Division Multiple Access (IDMA) and Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA)
  • techniques for multiuser detection, channel estimation, synchronisation, system optimization and etc.
  • scalable algorithms for the detection of (large-scale) multiple input multiple output (MIMO) signals
  • SS19: Space Time Wireless Comm. and Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • WS18-19: InfoTech "Communications" and Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • SS18:Bachelor Lab Course "Nachrichtenübertragung" and Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • WS17-18: Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • SS17: Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • WS16-17: Coordination of Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • SS16: Nachrichtentechnik II/NT für Verk.
  • WS15-16: Übertragungstechnik I
  • SS15: Space Time Wireless Communications
  • WS14-15: Communications3 and Master Lab Course "Communications"
  • Always for the organization of "Tag der Wissenschaft"
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